Cross Country Timing Services

Our cross country timing services closely mimic services offerred through road race timing, however we're also able to provide services specific to the sport to make your event stand out above the rest.

Timing formats we can deploy:
-Disposable Timing Chips
-Re-Usable Shoe Tags/Triathlon (ankle) tags
-Pull Tag Timing (Manual) 

Additional Services we offer:
-Split point mats along the course
-Split clocks at various mile markers
-Live display of team scores as runners finish
-Dynamic bib assignment
-FinishLynx photo finish image verification
-Finish Line video publication to YouTube
-Announcer line (for announcing names as athletes finish)

As with every service we offer; backups are essential! We deploy a fully redundant backup solution consisting of two independant timing systems, a manual printing timer, and camera that records the finish of each race (which can later be published to YouTube).